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PARADISE ... Imagine unwinding in the privacy of your own home after a hectic day, just soaking your worries away.
Now, you can fulfill your backyard dream.

Standing the Test of Time
BOUHAYRAT was founded in 1976. As we head into our 28th year, BOUHAYRAT continues to work hard to build trust with our customers and employees.

Such a commitment has let to the highest level of product quality and reliability. BOUHAYRAT is mainly concerned with offering creative and innovative designs that will provide you the ultimate soaking experience, cost less to operate, and require the least amount of maintenance. Our products are designed with cutting-edge feature for your supreme comfort and long-lasting enjoyment. We are proud to craft a pool, spa or recreation facilities designed to be just what you need.
For many years.. BOUHAYRAT has used the advanced technologies developed by our innovative suppliers and industry partners. These systems provide our customers the following benefits:
  • Complete design free
  • Cost efficiency
  • Durability
  • Easy maintenance

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